Crystalis NES Review - Game potential(love the music)

by willie on Friday, May 20, 2005
This game has alot of potential, well i think especially the music. i love all the music so much, especially when your in the mountains in game, thats my favorite. and my second favorite is the music in Sabera's fortress (or whatever its called or the fortress in goa any way.) that music is like somekind of unique techno music or something, i dont know how to explain that phenominal music...and if other people dont like that music, that is fine they just dont like that kind of music, oor they cant see through the cool very cheap instraments that make up the music.if the right person could have a hold of that music and remake it with better quality instraments, dang that would be cool. since i have nerver heard any better versions im just gunna do it myself and hope i dont make the music worse like most other people heheh. and about someone mentioning the main charect being pink...hes not pink, hes more of a cool purple color...i think that person needs to fix his monitor settings...or stop breaking his monitor...or something...heheh..(maan there is alot more i want to say about this cool game but im speechless except what i already said above..

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