Crystalis NES Review - High Quality

by Flashman85 on Thursday, September 26, 2002
This game was (I believe) the third Nintendo game I ever owned, and my father and I would play for hours until we got to the first mini-boss of the game and died. I was frustrated and left Crystalis alone for years until I had some actual gaming skill, at which point I started playing again and fell in love with this unique game.
Alone, unarmed, penniless; with nothing more than a name you begin your quest. Through the course of this game you recieve five different weapons, the first four having three different levels of power, and a slew of armor types as well. I loved that it wasn't just a quest for the biggest, baddest, most expensive sword--even near the end of the game you have to use the first sword you recieved, and unlike most RPGs, there is not one all-powerful armor. You might have to choose between the one that protects you from poison and the one that recovers your health. Plus, you get some nice psychic powers that add a bit of a puzzle element to the game. You can put people to sleep, transform into someone else, and even fly! This sweet game ranks above Zelda in my book, and will forever be a part of my collection.

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