Contra NES Review - BEST GAME EVER period.

by RISCmaster on Monday, April 29, 2002
Shoot shoot if u wanna live, hardcore fast action, this is a guy's game, not one of those kid games like (mario). This is the QUAKE of old skool. Super Contra was the next game in this series for NES console; followed by Contra 3 for SNES console; Contra Hard Corps for SEGA Genesis; Arcade, MSX, CPC version is called Gryzor. So you can imagine the popularity of Contra Series. All games in this series are AWESOME. I have finished Contra 1&2 for NES in less than 8min, with just regular gun, without getting shot at all, and then finished this game over & over for about 20-25 times in a row. Each time you finish the game gets faster. I can't stop writing about this game so you should play this game to believe it. To download PC Roms for evaluation only, visit

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