Contra NES Review - great game

by Rickardo Cleaver on Monday, March 3, 2003
i LOVED this game when i was a kid. one of my favorite games to pop in every now and then, just to run through a few levels. a fun(but too short & easy) game. here's how i rate it:

graphix(7/10): super c and later games look much better. not too bad for it's time, tho.

sound(8/10): music is great, but some sound effects(namely the spread and laser) are just plain wierd.

control(9/10): simple and responsive. only problem is the limitation on bullets on-screen means that a lot of button presses are wasted.

overall(8/10): i just don't see how ppl(mature, honest ones anyway) can give this a 10/10. i LOVE this game, and i can understand ppl having favorites, but this game is too short, too easy, and replay value is entirely in the eye of the beholder(some ppl run thru over and over cuz the gameplay is addictive, others don't).

-Rickardo Cleaver
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