Cobra Command NES Review - good game

by HalfLotus on Thursday, November 14, 2002
Ive been reading this page for the last few hours. God, what a trip down memory lane. I was 10 or so when NES came out. These kids today dont know what gaming was about!

This was basically a side-scrolling heli game with some down scrolling to enter caves and stuff.
Anyway, this was a HARD game. Like a lot of NES games the challenge was much greater than the games you see today.

This game had great sprites, but the backgrounds weren't great. The best part was upgrading your helicopter. You could upgrade armor, weapons, tow line, and a few other things. One of the coolest parts was that your heli would take some damage and start flaming. This would make it a bit harder to fly until you could could repair or finish the level. It was realistic compared to most games where you had a life bar, and when it was empty, you exploded.

Basically you shot everything and rescued hostages by having them climb a rope/ladder/winch. Kinda of like that Heli game by Sega(forget name).

It was really cool to fly your flaming heli into enemy terrority, shooting like hell to hold of the enemy while hostages climbed the ladder to your heli. Ahead of its time in terms of gameplay, but not a lot of attention was given to this game. 4 stars.

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