Clash at Demonhead NES Review - The Wackiest, Most Underrated, Game Ever!!!

by Coffin Joe on Wednesday, May 8, 2002
Clash at Demonhead, or "Dengeki Big Bang", as its known in Japan, is one weird Adventure game. You control a secret agent named Bang whos sent to save the Scientist Professor Plum, from a group of oddball characters called the "Seven Governers", who are bent on destroying the world. The games character, as well as yourself, never understands whats going on, and the story takes some odd plot twists, involving a Demon, the kidnapping of Bangs girlfreind, Force Abilities, a Hermit, an Alien, an a magical Sword! The game never stops being fun, and is guaranteed to keep you entertained, especially fans of goofy Manga! One of the NES's best offers, but sadly was never recived well due to bad marketing. Buy it without a second thought, its relativley simple to find!

-Coffin Joe
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