Clash at Demonhead NES Review - The Best Game you never heard of.

by Ironman on Saturday, October 19, 2002
The way this game is set up I swear to god this had to of been based off some Anime. The idea is that you are Bang, you work for some super elite combat organization in a world wear there are weird creatures who are goveners. When on a routine mission one day you are confronted by one of the GOV, who looks like a giant Skeleton. From then on it's a race to save the world as you face Panda Bear GOV, a guy with a flying hat, and a really big demon. Along the way you learn some really weird magic, collect variouse suits (which do variouse things) and get a legendary sword that can kill the demon. Like I said you have to play this to understand what I am talking about. I swear to god it has to of been based off an Anime.

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