Circus Charlie NES Review - clowny king

by VeN0M on Monday, July 1, 2002
I love the clown, very cute individual. The first level... you ride on a lion with extemely large glasses and jump through evil flaming hoops. Some of the flaming hoops have bags of money. You have to watch out for the coffee cups. Carful! They're sopping HOT full of caffiene. Second level, you have to balance on a tightrope and jump over MONKIES. Them monkeys are brown in color. After awhile of walking and jumping over monkies, a radio active aquamarine-colored money travels very fast. Jump over this and get alot of points. Level three, same routine, jumping. Good prescision is the main skill needed here. Jump from beach-ball to beach-ball. Level four, you ride on a drugged horse. You have to watch out for floating shit. Level 5... I haven't gotten here. It is quite hard. Circus Charlie is a good game!

Overall rating: 79.6%

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