Chip 'n Dale 2

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Chip 'n Dale 2 NES Game
Chip 'n Dale 2 NES ROM
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Chip 'n Dale 2 Codes/Cheats
PEUYIILA        Both start with 1 life
ZEUYIILA        Both start with 2 lives
GEUYIILA        Both start with 4 lives
IEUYIILA        Both start with 5 lives
GXKZKTVI        Almost infinite lives--both players
PEOYZILA        Both start with 1 heart
ZEOYZILA        Both start with 2 hearts
GEOYZILA        Both start with 4 hearts
IEOYZILA        Both start with 5 hearts
OUXLLEVS        Infinite hearts--both
PANNAILA        Start with 1 credit
ZANNAILA        Start with 2 credits
TANNAILA        Start with 6 credits
PANNAILE        Start with 9 credits
NYNNAILE        Start with 255 credits (ignore the counter)
OXUNGIVK        Infinite credits
Chip 'n Dale 2 Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Chip 'n Dale 2 Review by Xpenguin Chip n' Dale 2 9/30/2002 6:58:51 PM
Chip 'n Dale 2 Review by fanboycat 5 STARS 2/8/2002 1:09:02 PM