Captain SkyHawk

Game Manufacturer:
Milton Bradley
Game Genre:
Captain SkyHawk NES Game
Captain SkyHawk NES ROM
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Captain SkyHawk Manual
Captain SkyHawk Codes/Cheats
OZKAIGVK        Infinite lives 
PEUITIIA        Start with 1 life 
ZEUITIIE        Start with 10 lives 
OZXPUZVK        Infinite Maverick missiles 
OXKPVGVK        Infinite Hawk bombs 
LESITITA        Start with half Hawk bombs 
GOSITITA        Start with 20 Hawk bombs 
AESSZIZE        Start with 8 Phoenix and Maverick missiles 
GENXKGZA        Double cost of Hawk bombs 
GAXZKIZA        Double cost of Phoenix missiles 
ZAOZEIIE        Double cost of Maverick missiles 
Captain SkyHawk Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
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Captain SkyHawk Review by ChemicalTrain Didn't Like It! 6/18/2003 11:30:29 PM
Captain SkyHawk Review by FlamingLemming 6 outta 10 3/29/2003 3:18:43 PM
Captain SkyHawk Review by Kristoff Cool Stuff 2/14/2003 8:45:28 PM
Captain SkyHawk Review by Arnaud Sprenger Captain Skyhawk 8/21/2002 9:16:49 PM
Captain SkyHawk Review by Danny Gallagher One of those games... 5/8/2001 6:08:13 PM
Captain SkyHawk Review by Dan cap skyhawk 4/11/2001 12:43:04 AM