Captain America

Game Manufacturer:
Data East
Game Genre:
Captain America NES Game
Captain America NES ROM
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Captain America Music
Captain America NSF
Captain America Codes/Cheats
SZSULYVG        Infinite continues
GPNXIUZA        Large power stones worth 20 points
TPNXIUZE        Large power stones worth 30 points
ZLNXIUZA        Large power stones worth 50 points
ZAUZILPE        Small power stones worth 10 points
OLNUNEOO        Infinite energy
LSUPUELO        Hawkeye shoots arrows faster
VYNXTXNN + ZEEZAZPA     Faster Capt. and Hawkeye--one direction only
SYNXTXNN + LEEZAZPA     Even faster Capt. and Hawkeye--one direction only