Bubble Bobble NES Review - The chilling spheres of Calahad

by NES Dude on Thursday, December 4, 2003
I remember it so well. The year was 1975 and I was just returning home from a meal of Triskits and Trunkets with Sir Camelot, when I found Bubble Bobble laying next to my satchels and I decided to give it a gander.
The first thing that hit my ocular visions was the atmospheric proportions of Rik's bathtubs. No details were left out. Controlling, a sad mis-shapen blue bounter ball, you envelope and unjulate all the creepy roaches and foul serpents lerking in the shower compartment. Eat many of these fould crummers and you ejaculate into a foul grim image of Rik Totem himself. Your biggest challenge will come in avoiding the spiraling drain. However, if you complete your tasks, the rewards are plentiful. Warp to level 43 and see the festering corpse of Vincent Kermit McShlong. His foul withered muscle suit has been over-run with muggets and flesh-gnawrling insects.You must preserve his fuel-enjected pecs and keep his body in rare form! If you fail, his body will excrete the smells and fumes. Then the maggulars will return to gargle the fetted feesches. And the process will never end! So swing your magical dranda-ball around the sewer system and devour these caterpillars and warts. I pray you have as much success as I did, so you can be awarded the bronzed images of Bucky Lesnar and Dolph Plungrers. These fine, polished heroes present you with good stratagems and stratospheres and shower you with greasy, sloppy kisses. I bid you ADIEU!

-NES Dude
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