Bubble Bobble NES Review - What if I'd like to play alone?

by ToddVania on Thursday, October 3, 2002
Oh, I guess it's OK for the time, but the Playstation version is perfectly emulated from the arcade version, which, of course, had more bonuses and such.
What happened to the treasure rooms? And why do I HAVE to be playing with someone else to see the ending? (Although to beat this you just have your second controller hooked up and insert a 2up just as the big monster recieves his final, fatal bolt of lightning juice).
Complaints aside, though, I was grateful for this game when it first came out. It saved me quite a few quarters because I was addicted to the arcade version at the time. I still put it in the NES once and awhile to remind myself how far we've come in console gaming. 7 out of 10.

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