Bomberman 2

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Bomberman 2 NES Game
Bomberman 2 NES ROM
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Bomberman 2 Codes/Cheats
AEEGEPZA        Start with 1 life
IEEGEPZA        Start with 6 lives
AEEGEPZE        Start with 9 lives
GXKGKXVK        Infinite lives
GXXONEVK        Infinite timer
LVXOUELL        Slower timer
TOXOUELU        Faster timer
AEKAZYLA        Always have detonator
YNEOLXLK        Bomb has a longer fuse
AXEOLXLG        Bomb has a shorter fuse
GXOLSXVS        Stop bombs from exploding
EASPTANG        Dollar sign acts as flame face
GYSPTANG        Dollar sign acts as bomb
KASPTANK        Dollar sign acts as heart with bomb
OPSPTANG        Dollar sign acts as skate
OZSPTANK        Dollar sign acts as vest for a short time
GAXKSTAA + GASKKTAA     Super start
OXXAPYSX + PEXAZNVZ     Always walk through bombs
OXOEGYSX + PEOEINSZ     Always walk through walls