Bionic Commando NES Review - Bionic Commando Died for Your Sins

by Kiyorf on Monday, March 12, 2001
This game is freaking awesome. Just the premise is sweet. Some hostile government (possibly the Russians) are trying to implement an old Nazi plan to build the ultimate death machine. Generalissmo Killt believes he needs to ressurect Hitler to make it work.
So, the good government sent Super Joe to stop him (that is the plotline for Commando- another decent Capcom game). However, Super Joe was captured. Now Ladd Spencer, the Bionic Commando (i.e. you) has to go rescue Super Joe and stop Killt's evil plans.
The layout includes a map, where you helicopter from area to area, including neutral zones where you meet up with allies and rub shoulders with the enemy.

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