Battletoads NES Review - Are you toad enuff!

by Marky64 on Tuesday, October 7, 2003
Having not played this the first time round when i was a kid, I was curious about this game after reading the reviews on here (esp. the infamous level 3). As luck would have it :) one of my mates happened to have a copy of the game so I borrowed it to see how what its like and ive got to say I havent even got past level 2 yet (only had 1 go using all continues though) so im still really lookin forward to Lvl3 :P Got to say the gameplay and controls feel almost as perfect as you could wish for, I think the FEEL of a game is a very important thing, call it the X factor if you will this game seems to have that. erm out of 10 not having played much of it mind but from what ive played so far id give it 9/10.

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