Battletoads NES Review - I thought id eventually finish this game!

by Wise old man on Saturday, August 4, 2001
Battletoads on the NES was a game i owned unintentionally...long story.

Battletoads overall is a great beat 'em up full of crazy and unimaginable ass kicking moves! Collect robot legs to bash your opponent or ride the waves in your toaddy surf board. If you've had a bad day play this game to unwind :)

But regardless of that Battletoads is a VERY hard game!! I can say that myself because ive never actually beaten the game and i consider myself to be a talented to the last level but damn its a hard nut to crack!! And when i played this game on the NES game genie codes were not invented!!

If you consider yourself as a gamesmaster download this game and prove your worth!!

And then email me :)

-Wise old man
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