Battletoads NES Review - BattleToads and the ESRB

by BombOmb on Saturday, January 11, 2003
If the ESRB were around when this game came out, I'm sure it'd get an M rating (in comparison with the other NES games) as well as its sequel. This game introduces satisfying violent acts to your enemy all throughout the game. It gives you guns, sticks, rocks and even the WWE's "throw-your-opponent-at-the-other-opponent" moves into this game. It should be bought by any gamer who enjoys a good violent and high paces action game. What I didn't like is how it suddenly towards the end went from action to reflexes. I'd much rather keep beating things up than actually have to WORK my way to the next area where I get to beat the next thing up (of course it IS more rewarding - "I'LL TEACH YOU TO HIDE ALL THE WAY UP HERE YOU RAT FACED TURKEY!"). 2 Player kicks too, you can have the option of NOT being able to beat up your friend or beating up your friend. It's so great throwing your best pal into a pit or at a herd of rats. Great action game, go buy it.

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