Battletoads NES Review - one the top ten most difficult games ever

by Ironman on Saturday, October 5, 2002
Battletoads is like many NES games in the fact that it has insane difficulty. Proof of this is any one who has ever gotten to level 3 of this game. There's a reason that Level 3 is called the Turbo Tunnell. Each level is different though. For example level 1 you have a life bar while level 4 you don't. Some levels are Vertical (level 2, 8, and the last level) while others are horizontal (1, 3, and 5). Than there are others where you are in a big room and have to go through that (level 4, 6, 11). The game gets progressivly difficult as you are also exposed to weird vehicle type stages (3, 5, and 11) each extremly difficult. The turbo tunnell is legendary in it's difficulty. The further down the faster it goes (trust me). To put it mildly any one who has beaten or at least made it to the last level without game genie or codes should consider themselves a game master. This is for those who desire the ultimate challenge in a game. The rest will be left in the dust.

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