Battle of Olympus NES Review - Those spear throwers.

by 8 Bit Junkie on Friday, June 9, 2006
I love this game, but I hate those little grey punks at the beginning that chuck spears at you. LOL

I mean, your trying to get a slime, and this little punk gets ya with a spear then runs off. Grrrrr.. Gonna smack him one, and when I get him.. it's like "UHHHH you like that?" haha! :D I'm just joking around. I still have a vendetta against those little dudes..., but let's move on to the review. :D

This game is cool cause you learn Greek mythology as you go etc. It's neat. Sure some say it's a Zelda 2 clone, but I think thats ok because I like seeing other games that were inspired from previous titles. It shows interest in whats out there, and helps make the system have the greatest titles.

Pick this one up if you find it. Good music too.

-8 Bit Junkie
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