Battle of Olympus NES Review - Great RPG

by Stalgaminite on Monday, November 10, 2003
Altough this game have almost same plot
as Zelda 2 its still very good game. So
what if its like Zelda 2? Graphics are
good and music is excellent. You are orpheus, a young brave man whose bride has been bitten by a snake. your mission is to collect three pieces of love and free your bride from the hands
of hades. All this is happening in ancient Greek (In my opinion its a good
thing) where you encounter many legendary monsters like sirens, hydras,
cyclopes and many more. This game is not very hard but it isnt very easy too. I beated it about 6-7 hours. One minus comes from that you must sometimes collect an enourmous amounts of olives that you can buy something important item from the ancient gods of mount olympus. Overall this is very good game. Get it if you like games like faxanadu and zelda 2.

My rating: 9/10

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