Battle of Olympus NES Review - Well well well...

by Wise old man on Saturday, August 4, 2001
What can i say? Good ol Battle of olympus! Your mission, to save a young damsel in distress from the clutches of evil!

Ah yes i played this game back in the day...Battle of Olympus is an exciting classic game where you visit many strange and wonderous places, ride on dolphins to travel across countries and fly on a winged pegasus

Along the journey you gain new techniques like the ability to fire out electricity from the tip of your sword and the ability to jump and walk on the ceiling!

In my opinion Battle of Olympus is a classic's only drawback is the frustrating idea where you trade olives for new items..i.e collect 80 olives for a new sheild. So far sounds good but die in the process of getting 80 and immediately your olive total decreases by half and collecting olives aren't plentiful!

So if you have the time to play a classic RPG of good vs evil then sit back and enjoy a meal of a game :)

-Wise old man
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