Battle of Olympus NES Review - one lame game

by flaminglemming on Thursday, March 27, 2003
i dunno what the hype about this game is. i played for like, 2 hours and just got pissed off cuz of all those greek names and vague hints; ie: "there's an item somewhere that will help you in the future."
you jump, and swing this goofy lookin club at people. its too tedious and repetitive. and sometimes the gods will talk, and sometimes they wont. about the only variety comes from those shrimpy little dudes that throw spears. but ya get the shield, and they are too easy.
the graphics arent terrible tho. so...
sry, but this game deserves no more than a meager 4 outta 10 happy smile points.
signing off, this has been terry ruggles on nbc10.

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