Battle of Olympus NES Review - Hmmmm, see for yourself.....

by Antoine Pijnenburg, the Netherlands on Wednesday, February 7, 2001
Difficult to write a review for this one. Why ? because I played this game AFTER I played Zelda II.

The game has a lott of simularities in graphics with Zelda II, but has a completely different gameplay. It's not a RPG, but more of a mix of RPG and a scrolling game.Which makes it a pretty nice one. You play the role of a young dude, and you'll cruise around in acient Greece, Fighting your way up for peace !

I think this game is very entertaining, but only play it when you didn't play Zelda II, otherwise you'll get comparing the two over and over again. And Battle of Olympus simply loses that comparising, just because Zelda II is a Classic, in every way !

Conclusion: A good game, but just like I said before: only play it when you haven't played Zelda II !!

3 out of 5.....

-Antoine Pijnenburg, the Netherlands
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