Bases Loaded 4

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Bases Loaded 4 NES Game
Bases Loaded 4 NES ROM
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Bases Loaded 4 Codes/Cheats
SZNXGUVV        Balls do not count
SXOXYUVV        Strikes do not count
The game only shows up to 2 strikes and 3 balls
PEOXGLZA        2 strikes and you're out
LEOXGLZA        4 strikes and you're out
AANZGLLA        1 ball and you walk
PANZGLLA        2 balls and you walk
ZANZGLLA        3 balls and you walk
The last two codes only work in 2-player mode
PANPUTAA + PEOETGAA     Some batters start with count of 1 and 1
ZANPUTAA + ZEOETGAA     Some batters start with count of 2 and 2
Bases Loaded 4 Visitor Reviews
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Bases Loaded 4 Review by Public Enemy Sucks!!!!!! 8/25/2004 12:10:25 PM
Bases Loaded 4 Review by jeffman AWFUL!!!! 6/25/2002 6:57:28 PM