Baseball Stars NES Review - STILL one of the greatest Baseball sims ever made...

by Staph on Friday, July 7, 2006
Those people whom are badmouthing this game, just don't know it's true potential. They probably have been pampered by all the newest 3d garbage that flutters around this saturated market. BUT here's a game that was made more than a decade before all that 3d crap, which is so fun to play because you actually win money for winning games.

As you win more money, you can buy stat points to build up your players. Increase their running stat, and they'll run faster around the bases and in the field as well. Increase their defense stat, and they'll be more likely to catch the ball after a spectacular dive. Increase hitting and batting and you'll start to hit consistent home runs!

Such a fun game to try and build your team up... So much better than all the worthless crap that's made today... OOO so you have "real" MLB sponsor on your game and you can swing Barry Bonds bat, WELL I CAN MAKE BARRY BONDS A FEMALE RIGHT HANDED SIDE-ARM PITCHER THAT CAN RUN, HIT, PITCH, AND BRINGS HOME THE CASH!!

I wish they'd remake this for GBA or the DS...

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