Adventures of Lolo NES Review - The Adventures of Lolo

by Robert L. Bryant on Thursday, December 23, 2004
What a great game! This is a puzzle game with a nice flavor to it. You take on the role of the adorable Lolo. His adversary, the Great Devil, has captured Lolo's love, Lala, and must get her back through traversing 10 floors of puzzles galore!

The play control is excellent, though every now-and-then pushing a box just a little too far happens. However, there is a great feature that allows you to cancel the life you're on, and start the puzzle over from the beginning with a new life.

The graphics are average, then again, they don't need to be that great for a character that is round in shape and has a tail! Difficulty is above-average, with some of the later puzzles forcing Lolo to outrun enemies, or shoot the enemies fireballs before they reach you. Well put together. I recommend this game to any and all gamers who enjoy a good challenge.

-Robert L. Bryant
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