Abadox NES Review - Abadox is a Paradox

by Nes Champion on Wednesday, November 21, 2001
Please, Please, I've seen it all before. In another life this game could have reigned supream. But the time has done the stalking and whisked away the magical quality the game had to offer. Don't blame me as a fester, I must tell you that this game is a maurled hunk of shit. Furthermore, this game lacks crackers and dressing, it's as fun as a crab in a hand basket. But seriously folks, this game is lack luster block buster. It's a camel buster, a hump buster, and an all around paradox. An inner war? Inner war you say!? you fight intestines in outer space. Paste makes waste, so remember I give this game five fine penalties, one for hooking, one for slashing, and my personal favorite one for beating round' the teticle. Munch on the cuticle or endure a game in grueling horrors. If you liked this hulking shit block try silver suffer.

-Nes Champion
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