A Nightmare on Elm Street NES Review - Elm Street is Cool

by Nes Dude on Monday, August 27, 2001
become a kid and jog on elm street. Fight bats, Frankens, Devils, and assorted grotesque creatures. But beware, as you fight your "sleep meter" slowly shrinks and sends you into dream land. When you dream Freddy comes to kill you so be sure to obtian soda and heavy mental music to keep you up. This game sports a sizzling sound track! Enough to refuse Freddy Krueger of his dreams! Remeber to toss old Freddy's bones in to the high school fernice, which will put an end to that ghoul, Freddy! I give this game a fun factor of 100, simply because Freddy is a fun game which tantalizes my taste buds! I also give it four thubs up, for quality, quantity, price, and whimsicalness! email chameleon128@verizonmail.com he can help you kill Krueger.

-Nes Dude
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