8 Eyes NES Review - This game is no Simon\'s Quest

by 46 on Monday, January 23, 2006
Taxan and it\'s failure to put up a just game continues in this dull adventure. Knowing the game is from Taxan, I knew what kind of reward I was going to get for initially completing the game...

Armed with a short white twig and a bird, Orin is out to save the day. The game features some strange boss fights, some super easy like India and Spain and some super difficult like Italy and Egypt. The problem with this game is that fails on so many accounts. Unbalnced challenge, poor sound and graphjics, ineffective attacks against repetative enemy encounters, akward control combine to make this game painful virtual reality to explore.

Another thing. Like Simon\'s Quest it has some pretty hard to find, ridiculous secrets. It takes a good while to figure out how to navigate around some of the levels, particularly Africa, in which you have to enter through certain rooms in a certain order. But even so, if theres a quality that this game is up to par with Simon\'s Quest, it\'s the bad ones.

With the plot and strucutre 8 Eyes had, the game could have been much better and much prettier too. A subpar game.


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