8 Eyes NES Review - 8 Eyes my favorite NES video game.

by D-generation X on Monday, July 7, 2003
When I was small I played this game, I remember picking the level from 7 castles in a circle and the 8th castle in the middle (they were shaped like an eye) I loved exploring though the levels and beating the bosses. I always couldn't wait untill i beat the seven castles in the middle because I loved the level in the middle because not only is it the last level it's the place where you can fight each boss again one after the other in different rooms of the castle.When I was small my parents sold my system for super nintendo. After my super nintendo wouldn't work, I remembered the sweet fun game 8 eyes. 8 eyes is the only reason why I purchased a NES. I think you people should buy this game because if I bought another NES just for one game, you can bet it's one of the best NES games around.

-D-generation X
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