Are your friends bums too?

In Zelda


I think I could mobilize my friends for four words if I owned it.
We sometimes play "Age of Empires" at my friend's. With 3 PCs it's quite fun.
My friends aren't into videogames, but they're always for fun stuff.

Yeah, I have absolutely no friends to play games with, save one. The rest of my friends though? Most of them are musicians, so yeah, they're bums. I unfortunately don't get to experience cool stuff like four-player games. Maybe I'll get to sometime...

I also have a musician friend and he's quite into games.
Not all musicians are bums.

I am pretty much the bum of my freinds, I play more outside then VG's

Yea, I LOVE AOE, do you know AOE III is coming out this year, probably at the end of the year. I leanred that at IGN's AOE board.

Yeah, my friend told me.

I'm still waiting when they put the "George W." age in the game. Perhaps in AOE4? Play as W-USA, North Korea or Iraq.

I doubt they would make a 4 sadly. AOE games are based off the passed and going onto stuff like airplanes and stuff would be far to diffrent from to the older ones.

I thing AOE is a fun game. I havent played that if forever though.

I've had three people on four Swords it was fun as hell until the stupid lost woods.

so, anyway, I only have one friend with a GBA/GBA SP. Do the four swords and that Final Fantasy game (crystal chronicles) stink in one player mode?

Four Swords isn't that bad, its just a bit funner with more people.
I dunno about Crystal CHronicles.