stupid question... but i need to know

In Zelda

how tall is Link? i know it says it in super smash bros. the original... but i cant find it..

I don't know exactly how tall he is, but I've always seen him like a dwarf...

Which Link? they aren't all the same character. There's the original, the Link from OoT(then you have adult and child Links) Wind Waker, soon Twilight Princess. All of varying physical shapes.

well I was thinking more along the lines of his tallest height. When he was an adult. I was thinking around 5' 9" or so.

If he's 5'9'', he's smaller than me. ... Dwarf!!!

With or without the pointy hat?

without of course... Maybe he's 5' 8"

how tall are you?

I'm 6' 1/2'' (or 184cm).

beating me by about 1/2 in or so.