What language is it?

In Zelda

Has anyone decyphered the language The Great Deku Tree speaks? The same language can be seen written on signs and walls. All "we" know is that it is refered to as the ancient language. Have the developers of the games let anyone in on the secret (or is it just jibber jabber)?
If it is decypherable then it would probably be japanese right?

I think it may be called hylain (or something along those lines) as for what language it's based on, haven't a clue.
If you refering to the wind waker, if you play through the game a second time (after saving at the end of the first game) the language gets translated into english.

I thought it was called Hyrulian...?? Can't remember the spelling right off hand.

It is not really Japanese, although, some of the characters LOOK like one of the Japanese Alphabets called KATAKANA. Not all the characters resemble Katakana characters, but some do.

I am not sure if the Developers, or Miyamoto himself, has commented on this. It would be interesting to find out if they did indeed base it off of Katakana or not.

That sounds more like it, I couldn't remeber it too good

I found this:

I don't think it's official, more like some guy wrote in his basement. It seems like a cross between Japanese and English mostly.

seems like a very interesting site.
Bookmarked it.

I think I won't learn Hyrulian. Too few active speakers.

In A Link To The Past there also was an ancient language you had to decipher at many points with the book of Medora. This language was called Hylian. In that game, the language was just a few alternating squiggles. I think they improved it in Wind Waker with more widley ranged characters. But all they call it is the ancient language. Since Hyrule is an ancient mythical place in that game, I would assume the language remains as Hylian. Even in the Ocarina of Time you can see this language everywhere. On signposts and stuff. That's all I know about it anyway.