In Zelda

Twilight Princess is being delayed until AFTER MARCH 31st 2006!

This game was the reason I bought my GameCube immediately after E3 2004!

I suppose it's for the best, we'll get more features, and a larger, more immersive game experience over-all in the end.

But I'm still upset about the whole thing, I've been waiting over a year already!

Absolutely gutted.

I rememer one certain game journalist sayoing he's glad when he hears a game is delayed. For him it means that they're being critical to the game and want to make it perfect instead of rushing the job.

Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel about delays. You never know, it could be that members of the developing team got canned or something, and they have to bring in new people. I prefer to think they're adding more features and generally improve upon their own expectations myself. I'm sure this game will live up to all the hype, so I'm not too overly disappointed.

It can't beat OoT though . I heard that today. I got a call from my gamestop, because I aleady preordered the game. Atleast I don't have to spend another 50 dollars this year besides X-Men Legends II.

All good things come to those who wait... .

I personally don't care for delays. This reminds me of Ocarina of Time and Perfect Dark which both were delayed several times and both turned out to be some of the best games ever created.

So, look at the bright side. Patience is a virtue.

I also don't mind delays.
This winter I'd be too busy anyways to play such a big game.

Next year's April or so would be perfect.

I expect a great game, a better one than Ocarina of Time.

I admit when i first heard about it i was a little bit dissapointed but then i realised if its delayed then we will get an even better gaming experience. And i have more than enough things and games to occupy me untill then anyway so i dont mind delays that much.

yeah soon, ill be playing:
Lunar Dragon Song
Castlevania OS
ill be playing Metal Gear Solid online.

so im glad its delayed, but im still a little Disappointed.