Super Mario 3, line up the icons.

In Super Mario Bros.

I am sure all mario fans out there will know this. It is where you have to line up icons. Till today, I don't know an exact procedure that gurantees a matching star.
General instinct says, we should press the button if the star is at the middle. So, it shouldn't be difficult. But it seems that most of the time, if i press when a star portion is at the middle, i get a flower portion lining up, thus losing the puzzle.

Do you guys have an exact solution.

I don't have an exact solution, but the way I do it is to watch all the icons scrolling by. Then when the icon I'm shooting for is underneath the right side, I hit the button. No perfect solution I know of, though.

I was quite good at that back then. But I don't remember too well now.

Just try often and find the moment that's best. Patience is the solution.

I was sure at one time I had the 'perfect system', but that was a long time ago and I probably didn't anyway.

On a slightly different topic it's easy to complete the matching game every time because there are only 8 different boards. So it's simply a case of making maps of each board. Sorry that really had nothing to do with your question.

wait for the flower to get at eather end and push the button AS SOON as that flower hits the edge. (it works best if the pics are moveing to the left stop it on the left side and Vice verca) do it for all 3 lines and get the mushroom for 2 extra lives. I dont know any others though. Let me know if this helps you or not.

much better just to get 99 lives in 1-2, by jumping off the goombas infinitely.

I am confused , could you please explain a bit more.

Every time you hit an enemy without touching the ground, the score you recieve doubles, and after enough kills, you start recieving lives every time. Offhand I'm not sure how many you have to kill, but say 10 maybe, before you start getting lives. However, if you touch the ground between kills, the number you've killed resets to zero and you have to start over.

You can see the effect at near the beginning of Super Mario World (different game, same trick), where you kill a bunch of Koopa's with a shell. If you hit all the Koopas with it in quick succession, you recieve an extra life. It's not limited to that spot in the game. Anyplace where you can kill a bunch of enemies without landing in quick succession, you'll wind up getting lives. Getting a Starman is idea for showing how this works, since the usual kill timer doesn't reset till the Starman wears off - so get a Starman and run though the level just touching enemies. Kill enough of them and you'll get a lot of extra lives.

I'm afraid I'm not sure exactly which area of 1-2 andrewg is talking about though.

He's talking about an area near the start of the level where some goombas emerge from a couple of pipes. However they emerge really slowly and I was never able to get more han a couple of lives there.

Hmm, that might work. Maybe with the Racoon tail you might be able to hang around in mid air long enough?

yes, you wait until like 5 goombas are on the screen, and use the racoon tail to keep getting lives, i never thought of it as being challanging at all.