If they made a Super Wario Bros.

In Super Mario Bros.

I think they should make a Super Wario Bros. and if they did it would be with Wario and Waluigi (as in the Mario Parties) and it would be mostly for GBA, but they would make a somewhat 3-D one for GameCube. Half 3-D actually. I had better keep hoping for that.......... Do you think any one would buy it?

Hmmm I might. I thought the Wario games released on gameboy were really good. It would be nice if they made another 2d like Mario/Wario game again.

I'd buy it if it was good of course.

I'd also like it to be 2d. I like good 2d platformers, but those have become rare these times.

It definately has potential, I would look into it, especially if it were 2D

Well, I like any game with wario in it so yeah I'de get it.

I don't know I am not really that big of a Wario fan, but it sounds interesting.

I like wario better than mario. haha

Yeah I'd Buy It but I'd want it to be for GBA & not 16bit.

Wario Land is probably as close to a Wario game on GameBoy that a wario fan will ever get to play.

What do you guies think of the New Wario ware games. Now they have Touched on DS and another one for the SP

I tried the new Wario game on the DS in a store yesterday and I must say, that's an interesting game. I like it.

exists for the GC, and it's short lived and a bit easy but good fun. It's almost exactly as you describe, being a 2.5D world. The impression the game gives is more like Final Fight than Super Mario Bros., though and unfortunately, it only features Wario.

Interestingly, the game was developed by .

"That'sa right! Who wanna look at that beanpole Waluigi anyway when you can have a pure hunka man like me?!"

I did indeed buy it, and was entertained by it. But then Wario's voice is comedy gold to me.

Ah, yes, i've played Wario World, yes it's a bit short, but I thought it was fun. I also really like the Wario Ware game on DS.
"Have a rotten day" ah yes, Wario is pure hilarity personified (although he's not a real person)