Son of a Peach... :)

In Super Mario Bros.

Just watch it and laugh.

It was good.

Am I the only person to have seen How To Kill A Mockingbird? It saddens me that I rarely find mention of it on forums... It was the funniest flash movie I've ever seen, and I think it was taken offline...

Eh not that funny to me. Flash movies just cannot make me laugh.

ah, that was hilarious manuel!

Toad: Sorry Mario, but our Princess is in Sonic's bed!

Ha! Man, that was great! She keeps spitting them out! I have to be careful what I watch when my son's around Ha!

But has anyone seen Mockingbird? You can see that right here:

If you like random humor, you'll like this.

A friend of mine sent me the link the day before.

You should always have an eye on newgrounds. Sometimes they have very funny stuff.

I used to think I had a really sick and twisted sense of humor... but then I discovered newgrounds, and now I see that I only have a slight sick and twisted sense of humor.

But has anyone seen Mockingbird? You can see that right here:

Excellent find! That's going on my list of "most entertaining flash movies ever" (along with 'Sega Fantasy 6' and 'Star Wars Gangsta Rap').

Newgrounds is okay. Dont really go there much anymore. Alot of immutruity there. The demographic theres is mostly in the teens really. But its and okay site for flashes.

Yeah, I don't like that much on there.
I do like GI Joe: The Other Half and, of course...
Super Console Wars.
By the way, anyone know if that guy's made the third one yet? The second one was kind of dumb, but that frst one was so damn funny...

That was so funny, it took me a while to wonder why a baby luigi popped out, then mario chased luigi and I just cracked up when all the other babies popped out


I couldn't stop laughing... My mom got mad, (not cuz i watched it, but cuz i was laughing too hard!)