Use of Anchor in SMB3

In Super Mario Bros.

Of all the items we could collect in SMB3, i have found the use of all of them except the Anchor. I remember that it comes as a bonus in World 2. But i could never figure out its use. Could someone answer my query.

You use it on an airship so if you die in it, it doesn't fly away and change positions on the world map.

That anchor has to be the most useless item in any video game ever. All it does is save you from moving a few spaces across the map after the ship moves. Now technically the ship could move to somewhere you can't access straight away if you haven't completed all the levels but I've never seen that happen. Besides if that did happen it would teach you not to skip any levels.

That's true. I never needed that anchor. It's more useless than useless.

In still have never get it.

I had only heard mention of the anchor until this year

Basically, you can only get an anchor on certain worlds, and getting it is dependant on getting a certain amount of coins on certains levels (1 lvl per world).

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