Super Mario Bros 3 - World 7

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How do you beat the mini castle on world 7? I got the raccoon suit and such but now I'm stuck....can someone help?

For a list of Super Mario Bros. 3 gamefaqs, just pick one and search for 7-9

Thats's the level where you have to hit a P-block to turn a whole room of blocks into coins right? I remember running round in circles on that level hitting the p-block over and over so I could get up to 99 lives. Made World 8 a bit easier!

Yeah for a detailed explanation try gamefaqs as Walrii said.

For an instant answer, get the raccon and go inside the castle (The place where all candles are unlit and no ghost). Somewhere in the middle, to the left side of the door, if you fly, you will see a pipe leading up to the ceiling. Go inside it, and you will reach the end guy.

Oh right yeah thats how you do it.

You only have to do that whole P-block thing I was rambling on about if you go into the castle without the racoon suit.

I'm surprised I don't know which one that is.

yea i ended up finding that one out on my own...i'm just now checking back in here, but now i'm on world 8 on the mini castle, been trying to figure it out for a while but it just seems like a big circle, where do i need to go? can anyone help?

I don't exactly remember how i used to cross it. But what i remember is, if you hit one of the P block, a hidden door appears momentarily. You have to enter that door.

And here is a shortcut advise, if you have a lakitu, simply go over the castle and you will get to enter a pipe. Hence, you won't have to replay the castle if you die in the next stage.

Yep. Run to the left past the first white plank thing, run past the second white plank thing and fly up, there is a pipe. It won't take you long.
BTW I like getting a bunch of lives on it like someone else said, just keep doing the coins thing