Great erge to play Mario 64

In Super Mario Bros.

I was playing this PacMan world 2 game at my freinds and it gave me a huge erge to play mario 64. Never fully played Sunshine, anyone who has it, is it worth buying?

Definitely! Not quite as well-rounded as Mario 64 but still a great game.

Great,I want to get this and Tales of Symphonia.

Sunshine is a great game. Not as good as 64, but what is (IMO) . Also, the game has a lot of game play. I love the level design, and there are great little "mini games" in each board. Also, it is very hard at parts. (blue coins, etc)

I bought it, and wasn't overly impressed by it. Although harder than Mario 64 by leaps and bounds, it's still way too easy for the gamers that inhabit this forum. I found half the possible moves useless overall and the Yoshi system quite subpar. I'm willing to give it up, but I'd probably only take NES Games for it.

I was given th chance to borrow and beat ToS.

Also I bought Mario Sunshine, I found it for 20$ and thought, "hey why not?"

I beat it. Truthfully, I did not like it. There were times when I forgot this was a mario game. The stages seemed so similar to the last and the similar missions got boring. There was some difficulty, but truly meh.

The story I thought would turn out interesting, in the end it seemed kiddy-ish. The voices were also a mistake, I don't see how anyone could picture Bowser with THAT kind of voice, I pictured more of a raspy hardcore band singer voice. I also wish I could have FOUGHT Shadow Mario/Baby Bowser rather then chase him through the whole stages.

I give it a 7.8/10 Still trying to get all the Shine Sprites though. Also on a side note, it took me exactly a week to beat the game normally

Yeah, the first time i played super mario sunshine i was like...WTF, a waterpackt was ok, but did not seem natural. I just got my copy of super mario 64 in the mail today, after usually only renting it. It is fun, and im at about 40 stars.

you guys are going to make me bust out the N64 again and actually finish that game...

You never finished 64? That took me a while, I remember when I got it for my birthdya, I got a late gift from mr bro's freind. It was a Walkthrough strategy guide and a see-through controller (one of those that you would later discover make you not want to tever touch a non-nintendo company controller again). I think the hardest one for me was getting the 100 coins in the sand/desert level.

For me it was the 100 coins in Wet Dry Land.

I didn't own the game with my original N64, so I only played it briefly at friend's houses and stuff. Now I own it, but I haven't played the N64 too much.

I just finished Mario 64 yesterday. I was at 119 stars and done the bowsers, the last star I had to get was 100 coins in the rainbow level. Hardest one for me, seems like you have to get every damn coin in the level. I got so frusterated with the star and because my brother got a PS2, I stopped playing 64 for several years.
Is the only difference now that I can talk to Yoshi on the castle roof and get 100 lives?
I also started a new game, i'm at 75 stars and this is where it gets more challenging (or, time consuming).
Mario 64 is my favorite game for N64, even though it's considered fairly easy. Of course my favorite game for NES is SMB 3 and it's damn easy.