Super Mario Sunshine!

In Super Mario Bros.


I don't think nobody likes the game.
The problem is... in comparison to Mario 64 it was a step backwards. Mario 64 was revolutionary, Sunshine was... yeah... just very good.

I think Maruio Sunshine is the best 3D platformer on any new system. You have almost nothing comparable on PS2 or XBox, but for Nintendo standards it was not enough.

I like Super Mario Sunshine, it's nearly a perfect game.

Mario Sunshine was excellent, but I would have been happier with a "Mario 64 2", with basically better graphics and different levels. I got used to the water pack, but it didn't FEEL like Mario. I liked the levels where you didn't have the pack and had to go through those crazy obstacle courses.

Yes, those were fantastic. Some of them very difficult, but never unfair.
I also liked the levels without the waterpack best.

this is probably somthing for the recent consoles section but yea, this game was a big disapointment to the MArio series, since when do they go that in depth with a story line. Just the water pack's abilitys made me forget this was mario, like how you could jet strem through water and stuff.

I agree. The levels where you were timed, and the music was great there with the old music with the snapping of fingers. Those boards were great.


27 shines? Still some way to go.

But was it underrated? It got very good ratings in the press.

All German game magazines gave it high rankings. All were over 90 from 100 .

It seems kind of underrated because it's always compared with the better Super Mario 64.

hell i loved it every one where i am(except my bros and I) thought it was about cleaning and thats all u do