Super Mario Reloaded

In Super Mario Bros.

Go there and watch:

That video is so funny.

What do you think?

And also look for


that was a good one, the Video game parodies on Newgrounds are really the only things I like. The rest of that site is usually pretty junky.

Yeah, you also have to try "Rise of the mushroom kingdom". The story has 4 parts and a hell of gags in it.

Yeah, Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom is awesome. Unfortunately I watched part 4 a few days ago not knowing it was a whole series.

Try watching the parodies on this web site! It rocks!

You'll find all of the 4 episodes of "The Rise Of The Mushroom Kingdom" as well!

I remember I first saw it on a UGO player thingy. I believe it was released not too far after the DVD release of The Matrix Reloaded and my weird friend was looking for parodies of it on the internet. Because that's what he does in his spare time.

Wait a told me about that movie!!!!1 And in my spare time, I throw my shuriken at random animals in my yard.

Nonetheless! I swear that SMR is probably the greatest extended parody in all of flashdom! All must watch it.

Wrong. How To Kill A Mockingbird wins that honor. Super Console Wars holds a close second.

Yeah, that was an awesome movie too. But it took me like 2 hours to load on my pathetic dial up.