Conquering SMB1 with his feet

In Super Mario Bros.

Check out this video (this was featured on kotaku):

I cant view the video right now, Super Mario Bros. 1?

That's very easy to do, at least on a regular NES controller.

I need to beat the game blindfolded.

That guy plays through SMB 1 on a NES advantage with his .
If you can do it on a regular controller, please record that and show us.

Does the guy run at all in the video?

my mom says the camera's memory is full right now. I'll record me doing that sometime though.

It's not a speedrun, but he does run from time to time. And he masters very difficult jumping. I was impressed at least. It's funny to watch.

With the NES advantage it looks to be very easy. with an NES controller I can play trough the game running most of the time.

I dont know when I'll be able to do this, i'm a little sick and this morning when i woke up i could not turn my head left, and now it is killing me. tommorow i am going to NH and wont be back until monday. I guess if my sister lets me use her camera i will show you.

When i play, I move my leg right so my toe can just slighty hold the A button for precise jumps while it is already holding the B button. I tried playing with my feet a bit today and i have trouble going down pipes, but other than that i can play pretty well, once in a while my foot slips off the controller, but overall i play pretty well.

You should try it if you have an NES it's really not TOO hard especially if you dont press B.

Take your time. There's no need to hurry.
If you manage to do a speedrun with your feet using the standard controller, that would be nice. First post it here and then inform the gaming blogs (joystiq, kotaku,...). They might post your vid.

maybe, but since it's already been done like a week ago, maybe not.

As I said, when your video is better and thus more interesting they'll have to post it, maybe on a "slow news day".

With a NES Advantage and with a little practise, yeah, it looks kida easy. With a standard NES controller, it's a whole different matter to me. If you can do that, and a speedrun even, andrewg, I will bow down and call you "Master"*.

I'm back. I enjoyed that.

I cant play that well, actually sometimes I can play it pretty well.
I will see if I can do that soon, but I'm working on improving my full completion time still.