Aaron's SMRPG Challange!

In Super Mario Bros.

I have been playing SMRPG lots latly on free time when I am not at School or playing WoW. Any who I have been trying to get to Level 30 and finish the game using only Normal attacks, I have got the Level 30 down, Now I just need to beat the game, The Game is alot more fun and challenging using only Normal Attacks. And yes I have been using an Emulator to play SMRPG. No cheats used. Here is a Screenshot of my Level 30, Mario, Geno and Bowser:

I am at the sunken Ship right now. I will keep everyone Posted on my Journey. I know Mario. Bowser and Geno's FP are low but I will not us those type attacks in the game. And I have been using all the Bonus's for Stronger Attack POWer for all Characters.