Mario Party

In Super Mario Bros.

I tried to find a mario party thread, but there was none except for one about number 8, and I didn't think I should put this in there as it's regarding the GC versions, but if a mod/admin sees differently, then that's ok....
I was thinking of finally picking up one of the games from this series for the gamecube. I'm unsure which number to get, as the newest one may not be the best, and it's quite expensive still. So, if you could tell me which number is your favourite it would certainly help. I hear 5 is good, but I might be please.

7 is really good. And it comes with the Mic for GCN. And the Mic mini-games are pretty fun also.

If you want games using a microphone, get 7. Otherwise you can't do wrong with any number I guess. They're pretty much all the same. Only slight differences as far as I know.

So true.

I personally like 7 the best (never have used the Mic, makes me feel like a retardedded person). Don't know why, have no reasoning to like 7 best... I just do.