old news clip featuring mario...

In Super Mario Bros.

well its kinda cool, but I still cant do the "99 lives" glitch that the mullet guy was trying to peddle.

Me 15 years from now...

I enjoyed that, thanks!

I found that interesting. The one thing that was brought to my attention was when the reporter asked if Mario was really named Mario Mario, and Lugi really named Luigi Mario, and the reporter responded by saying that there were no last names. Well, there is actually, the reporter was right. Both Mario and Luigi have the name "Mario" for a last name, but that was probably just made later.

I was drooling over those shelves filled with sealed games. Oh if only I could go back and buy them all.

bahahahha that guy has a sweet mullet! it's almost as sweet as mullet boy from YTMND

that was a good video though. i love the old peoples reactions when asked if they knew who the Mario Brothers were

hahahahah, nice ;)

Did anyone notice that tips booklet of SMB that the couselors used? Man, that would be one nice find for the collection! Could you imagine the price of that on eBay?!

Howard Phillips hahaha

Good vid by the way, I love seeing old news stories about the NES. I don't think anyone in the US could say, "I have no clue who the Mario Brothers are," nowadays.

I can't believe ANYBODY ever called that hotline for hints in SMB!!
If you did that nowadays you'd be slapped silly!