Super Paper Mario

In Super Mario Bros.

Who else is looking forward to this game?
It sounds pretty awesome. Supposedly, it's going to contain both 2d and 3d sections, along with a mix between RPG and platform game styles. Also, you can play as Bowser and Peach.
The screenshots are looking good -

Is it for the Wii? I haven't even heard of this... I need to get back in the loop.

Actually it's for the Gamecube!

It's for Gamecube when I remember right.
And I must admit it looks very promising.

It looks very good. But I would rather have Paper Mario 3 rather then Super Paper Mario. Turn Based Paper Mario rocks!

that screenshot alone makes me want it! i can't wait to get anohter game for my 'Cube!

That screenshot is indeed awesome. I didn't know about this game until about two weeks ago (I haven't looked at future 'cube releses for a while) It's almost done and is due for release 24th November in the UK (same day as Twilight Princess) Looks lke that's going to be an expensive day for me. Maybe nintendo will alter the day for one of them, as they're both big titles.

erm, it looks like this is a wii only title now. I can't help but feel screwed over by nintendo lately.

Yeah, well, but what would you do in Nintendo's place?
They need to make money and sell craploads of Wiis.
Their Gamecube chapter is over and they need to concentrate on the Wii now to get ahead of PS3 and overtake the 360.
From a business standpoint it makes no sense to produce Gamecube titles any more. That's sad for GC owners but can't be helped.

Not everybody is going to buy a wii immediately, especially as they are few and far between here. The original xbox is still being supported about a year after the 360 was released. I think they're foolish in assuming everybody is going to want to switch over right away. Also, i imagine this game was near completion anyway as it was due for release in about three weeks.

Nintendo wants you make switch over to the Wii by releasing games you want for it and not for the old system.
I understand your point, but try to think like the president of Nintendo. I'm sure even you would do the same.
The Wii is said to be in a draught already because not many good games are out. Nintendo (desperately) to have top titles in the pipeline for the Wii in order to keep the demand up. Especially such famous games involving Mario must be out on the new console, the Wii in order to get the attention they need. Surely they screw the Gamecube only owners over with that, but it's a small price to pay. Such games will push the Wii hardware sales again a bit.
Although Nintendo's financial side looks very good these days they can't afford "loosing" to their 2 competitors again. They have to sell a lot more Wiis than Gamecubes at least.

Does Microsoft really still produce XBOX1 games?

I can only really speak from my own viewpoint here, and i can't help but feel a little cheated. Why don't they release it on both? I guess i'm a bit annoyed as this game is one of the reasons I kept my cube so long instead of trading it in a while back and getting money off a wii. I could do it now, but it's practically worthless.

I know it sucks.
You won't get much for a used GC any more. You could try a trade-in at a gameshop or something.

Or you could import a US-Wii. Maybe importing is still cheaper than buying one in the UK?

You may have been screwed by Nintendo, but if you want that game you'll have to swallow the pill and buy a Wii.
Could be worse. Imagine a game you want went from the PS2 to PS3. That would be even more expensive.

I think I may have exaggerated with the "screwed over" it's just annoying that a game i've been looking forward to for a while is delayed and moved to another console. I will get a Wii eventually but I was looking foward to playing it sooner rather than later. In terms of price difference between the two versions it's nominal. The GC version would be £40 and the Wii £45 at the most.
At a game shop, i've been told i'd get about £25 trade in value for a boxed console with two official controllers and official memory card and an advanced scart connector. Also, i'd get about £10 trade for four/five games, when I know they'll sell one (mario kart double dash) for £15, it doesn't seem worth it. The console would go for about £45-50 too, so the mark up is ridiculous. I know they're a business wanting to make money but for me it isn't worth it, (mainly on principle) i'll quite happily keep it to play GC games on although they can be played on the Wii.
I might look into importing one, but I think i'll leave it until my birthday (about three weeks) and see if a pal one could be got then.

I don't think "screwed over" is an exaggeration at all, they've carried the Cube on lies for all of 2006. Heaps of titles announced to keep people excited, and there was probably no plan to ever release them on the Cube.

Good News:

went through the March 2007 issue of Nintendo POWer (in the future!) and tells us that Super Paper Mario has made the transition from Cube to Wii and will be out a lot faster than many thought it would be.

This is a sad day for Gamecube loyalists with lingering delusional hope that the title would stay on the Cube, but a joyous day for Wii owners who feared that there would be few notable titles between now and whenever Nintendo decides to release Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Note: I am getting really sick of writing the word “super”). This is also good news for retro fans like me, because it appears that the main (but not only) control scheme will be the d-pad with the A and B buttons. I personally can’t wait for this title and if Nintendo POWer is to be believed I won’t have to wait long.

Source: 4CR

Aaron, you need to read.

The 8 posts previous to yours are all discussing how it's a Wii game now.

Aaron, you need to read.

The 8 posts previous to yours are all discussing how it's a Wii game now.

Forgot to add SPM will be out in April.

I have to agree, I liked Paper Mario (1 and 2) for the RPG element. Mostly because those RPGs beat the hell out of The Seven Stars. Making a mock Super Mario Bros. out of 2d and 3d graphics just seems like another gimmick like the New Super Mario Bros.. Not that I didn't enjoy