Super Mario for Genesis pirate cart

In Super Mario Bros.

Has anybody heard of this already? Looks interesting. I might well get a Genesis emulator just for this.

Wow that looks better than your average pirate. Looks like a lot of effort has gone into it.

That's true. The pics look perhaps better than the original SMW.
I couldn't download it from that site, so I'll search it on another and try that game.

Nice Find

Wow, that looks awesome, I've been getting into the Genesis quite a bit lately. That is certainly something I'd like to get.

I like it quite much, but the bad thing is yoy can't jump on the enemy's heads. I'm so used to that, so I die often in that game.

I can't get a copy of this... when I click on the download, it says the file isn't there... where'd you get yours' manuel? I'm dying to try this!

I sent you an email to your gmail account.
I hope I could be of help.

Ah... Muchos gracias, manuel... now I will be able to try this...

Should be interesting!!!

No problemo senor Rotho...

And its for the Sega Emulator? IS it any good, has anyone tried it yet?

It's OK. The main problem is when you fight Bowser, there is a glitch where he automatically appears where you are. It's obvious he's supposed to run to your spot, but every so often it messes up and skips. It's decent.

wow that looks cool! The bowser rocks

Has anyone emailed this problem to him, he show make a downloadable update. Is it MAJOR like you get hurt in the begining?

I think this was an actual pirate CART, meaning someone can't just change something in the NES ROM and fix it...

So he would have to make an entirely new one

I might download it, so I need a Genisis emu right?

Yeah, and the emulator I suggest is called Gens. It plays all the games I've tested on it superbly! Check it out!

I also use Gens and can fully recommend it to you.

The Genesis is inferior to the SNES in every way - I don't think this game looks so good, actually. Too few colors on screen at the same time, thanks to the old Genesis hardware. Never liked the Genesis, though is has some pretty good games. The SNES is a much more POWerful consone with amazing colors and sounds - The joypad is also much better, as you all know!

SMW on the SNES/SFC still looks good after all these years! It's been 15 years since it was released in Japan! It still holds up! I play it every now and then on my SFC!

FALSE! the SNES uses a very slow CPU based on very old technology, it is literally a 16-bit hack of an 8-bit CPU (the same one the CPU in the NES is built around, actually)

I'll admit that the SNES can display more colours on screen at once (256), than the Genesis (64), but it's limited CPU POWer really doesn't allow it to take full advantage of it's capabilities.

Yes, it has some incredible games, many of the same ones on the SNES, only without slowdown.

more POWerful? no. amazing colours? more so than the Genesis, yes. and sounds? let's consider...

SNES - Custom Sony Digital Signal Processor.
Genesis - Yamaha YM2612 FM synthesizer chip, a Texas Instruments Programmable Sound Generator, and those two chips are managed by the Z80 CPU.

technical specs aside though, the SNES sounds terrible in most cases, it's muffled and just sort of bland. the Genesis suffers none of those downfalls.

that is entirely a matter of preference, I find that the Genesis 3-button controller is my favorite of all time, large buttons, large D-pad, it just fits my hands perfectly.

that can't be disputed, SMW was a beautiful game, SMW2 even more so.

in closing, I'd like to state that I'm not a Nintendo or Sega diehard, I like good games. back in the days of the 16-bit wars, I was a Nintendo diehard. after learning about the terrible downfalls of the SNES though, the Genesis is my favorite 16-bit console.

LoL!!! I don't want to start no war - And I don't need to either! I know that I'm right!

Keep on gamin' !

Ha! You got NES-Luke goin', Oceansoul!

Preferably speaking, I was a bigger fan of Genesis than SNES, but that's an entirely different story. I still like alot of games on SNES, though.

About the colors on the game in question, yeah, it doesn't look near as good as Super Mario World for SNES. It looks pretty good, but nothing like the bright colors on the SNES counterpart. Mario also looks a bit goofy.

I also found myself jumping on enemies on accident! I'm so used to the game play being in that fashion. Another one of those, "I'm used to this," kind of deals, I suppose. I just find it interesting that someone actually made a Mario pirate for Genesis. That person(s) had to be a pretty big fan of Nintendo to want it on the Genesis.

Yeah, console war like in the old days!

As I still don't own a Genesis I can't say anything about it.

As for the SNES, I didn't think the sound was so bad. But again I have to say, I can't compare with the Genesis.

It's just my opinion, but the SNES controller might be the best I ever held in hands...

I've just become rather passionate about the hardware specs. Don't get me wrong, the SNES has some great games, but I'm not a fan of the hardware... The Genesis has great, and very interesting hardware, and I just keep finding more and more games to love on that console. I currently own three Genesis consoles, and am working on a deal for a fourth (the three that I own currently are model 2 consoles, the new one is a model 1.

I have to disagree with Luke on the Genesis' audio. Tech specs aside, THE GENESIS JUST DOES NOT SOUND GOOD. Sure, there were games with decent music, but the actual instruments the Genesis could produce did not do them justice.

As for this Mario NES ROM, I can't believe you guys played this for more than about 30 seconds. It's terrible, as is the case with most pirate carts. Oh, and the music? Typical Genesis garbage: Grating and obnoxious.

I suggest that you play ToeJam & Earl (either of them), Ecco 2, or Rock 'n Roll Racing. Those three games all have incredible music.

I'm not claiming that the SNES had bad composition, which I think is how you interpreted my statement. I'm claiming that the hardware just sucks, the SNES audio would be fantastic, if it weren't for the fact that it sounds muffled, it just not crisp and clear like the Genesis.

I always thought it was just great, until I decided to compare Mortal Kombat on both consoles. and yes, this was on the actual console not through an emulator.

yeah i remember that the graphics are cool but the game play gets very repetetive when ya reach the 3rd world (I can jump on baddies no way!)
the music rocks heh hehe.

That Mario game on genisis plays just like Chip 'n Dales Rescue Rangers on Nintendo. You just go around throwing blocks wich i didnt like to much. Should have stuck to good ol fashion jumping on blocks heh. Plus the game felt un finished. I think it was a beta.

I was thinking the same thing... There was even an acorn item!

Anyone know where you can get the NES ROM?