Super mario bros. 1 - full completion

In Super Mario Bros.


Today i beat my full completion record.
I have 21:18 at currently up.

new time
SDA - 19:59
TG - 20:02

I'm definately going to send this in.

I'm going to NH now, see you guys later.

That's an amazing time. I'm not even sure what my best time is

Congrats on that.
It's amazing how you can play that game on and on and over and over. I admire your patience.

I like to challange myself.

I'm going to train and see if being big will improve my time. The TAS gets fire to defeat bowser every time because it is faster, I cant seem to do it well though.

a lot of the time I just end up quitting after long sessions of not completing the game, it's aggrevating.

The video is up!

I'm glad this got up there so quick.

I read this over at TASvideos. I liked the reaction there much better.

Maybe I should imrpove this. Actually I'm focusing on the minimalist run. I dont think I'll be improving this anytime soon.